There once was a woman who lived in a tiny little apartment amongst thousands, upon thousands, of other people, in the biggest city which was in one of the biggest, and wildest, countries known as Canada.

It wasn't always like this.

She had travelled across much of this wild country, seeing all sorts of different kinds of nature.

From the roaring salty Pacific Ocean, through the lush western Rainforest, over the awesomely gigantic Rocky Mountains, rolling through the frolicking Foothills, dreaming under the ocean big sky Prairies, and on to the verdant forested, rocky and watery lands of the Canadian Shield.

This is where she found the bright, abundant, and colourful city of Toronto and would stay for many, many years.

She could enjoy her stay in this exciting city because her home was nestled in the middle of the serene nature that had been left over from what had once been there from long ago.

Soon enough though, the big city would grow even more, and try to fit in even more people into the tiniest of spaces.

This meant that her serene nature became full of people who also enjoyed these spaces.

The woman tried to spend time in her favourite places, but there were so many people, it no longer was a place she wanted to be.

She wanted so badly to find a place in nature where she could live in a cozy little home that she dreams of calling...Wild Hedge Nest.

So, to fulfill her dream, she needed to make money but wasn't entirely sure how.

She was a maker and could make many things, out of many different things, but she wanted to make things that reminded her of the wilderness she loved.

So she started stitching...and stitching...and stitching with so many different strings.

While she was stitching, she was imagining she was walking through a forest and enjoying the beauty of nature with others, until she had made something that looked just like a piece of nature.

This little piece of nature was so beautiful, it made her so very happy.

Then she realized that she could share this little piece of forest she had made, which might make others happy too.

So she showed her beautiful creations to people and they told her they too loved these little pieces of nature made of string.

So now the woman makes so many things, with many strings, stitched with love for others...these stitches that look like the nature she loves.

The End



The WILD is for the nature that inspires these works!

The HEDGE is an homage to the solitary pagan who lives in the wild beyond the hedge!

The NEST is what we decorate with the lovely whimsical things we find!